Peter J Reilly, founder and manager of RPLLC has sponsored and collaborated with filmmaker Jonathan Schwartz on several projects in a relationship that has endured for two decades.
Lafayette Visits the Rider Tavern


Turned Out, a hard hitting documentary on the difficult topic of sexual assault in prisons was inspired by Reilly’s long association with Just Detention International (formerly Stop Prisoner Rape) an international human rights organization.


In 2012, Reilly interviewed presidential candidate Jill Stein in depth covering the entire Green Party platform and not just the high points of the campaign. The interview was the basis for a series on, where Reilly has been a contributor since 2011.


Reilly’s coverage of the tax travails Kent Hovind, Independent Baptist minister and advocate of young earth creationism sparked a most productive collaboration.  Hovind nearing the end of a long sentence for tax related crimes faced new charges for actions that he had taken with respect to property seized as a result of his earlier conviction.
Schwartz working for Interlock assembled a team, including Dee Holmes and Abibal Megginson to cover Hovind’s 2015 trial and the scheduled, but aborted, retrial. He used his investigative skill to uncover the holdout juror in the first trial, who he interviewed.

He also arranged an interview with one of the other jurors who had a very different view.

Clips for the project were included on Forbes coverage of the trial and summarized in Dr. Dino: Creationism, Conspiracy, Conceit : The Politics of Wrath

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